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If you’re from Vancouver or happen to be in the Vancouver area, you shouldn’t miss the autumn issue of Edible Vancouver, a magazine that tells the story of local food. Copies get snapped up pretty quickly, so if you miss it you can find it online.

Be sure to check out my article on making your own homemade Balkan-style yogurt. It’s a snap, and once you try this creamy and dreamy concoction, you may very well not want to go back to the store bought stuff.

Rosso Bruno Tomatoes

Rosso Bruno Tomatoes

Yesterday I was at my local produce store when I spotted the tomatoes in a row of tables that lined the sidewalk.  I was immediately mesmerized.  These were unlike any tomatoes I had ever seen–at this shop or any other.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure of what I was looking at until I spotted the small sign above them. Rosso Bruno Tomatoes

Their skins looked like they had been burnished in bronze and when I touched them their heavy plumpness cried out for me to eat them.  I reached for a plastic bag.  I had found my lunch.

Of course, it’s winter now, and tomatoes are out of season. I try to eat seasonally as much as possible.  I find that fruits and vegetables don’t taste that great otherwise.  Tomatoes in particular lack flavor when eaten in the winter months.  Blindfolded, I doubt I would be able to tell the difference between a February tomato and a cucumber.

However, when I got these Rosso Brunos home, I wasn’t disappointed.  As I bit into one, its succulent tomato goodness exploded in my mouth.  And onto my shirt.  Why am I always wearing white when I meet a juicy tomato?

These unique tomatoes need very little embellishment, if at all.  I drizzled mine with olive oil, seasoned it with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, and topped it off with a dollop of homemade mayonnaise.  Tomatoes and mayonnaise go together like PB&J.  Don’t forget this when you make your next sandwich!


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